The Venus Factor Review

The Venus Factor is body sculpting class and a diet for women that intends to provide a female physique with all the most aesthetically pleasing measurements. He has tailored his guide to helping women attain it, and calls this ratio the Venus Index. He claims as it goes well beyond shedding body fat, his course is not a lot less than the usual weight loss plan. The guide is a hot seller with plenty of positive user feedback to its credit, so we took a closer look to find out whether it lives up to its reputation.


First thing worth saying about The Venus Factor weight loss is that it is designed just for girls. Barban discusses the crucial emotional and physiological differences between women and men at length. He asserts that only a nutrition and exercise protocol designed specifically for the female physique can produce results that are optimal.
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Program Elements
Their are four core components that make up The Venus Factor System:

  • 1) The primary PDF guide, which may be printed out or read on any device. It contains a thorough explanation of the philosophy behind the course and step by step instructions for following the exercise and diet guidelines.
  • 2) The Exercise Plan, which can be a customized 12-week program which can be performed at home or in virtually any health club or fitness center. A whole set of videos is included which shows users the best way to perform each one of the exercises that were recommended.
  • 3) The Virtual Nutritionist, which can be a software application that will generate a customized nutrition regimen based on the individual details you supply about yourself.
  • 4) An Online Forum, where you are able to connect with other users, ask specific questions about the class and share hints and experiences using the community. Users can create and share podcasts, blog about their experiences and make friends with like-minded girls.

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The Venus Factor is unquestionably a plan that is solid, but it may not be right for every girl. The strengths and weaknesses we found comprise:
The significant strength of The Venus factor is it is not very difficult to follow. The exercises are presented and explained thoroughly in the videos, and also the customized meal plans are filled with healthy dishes that are simple to make and taste amazing. You will have not a problem fulfilling the demands that are set forth and getting started, even in case you are a newcomer to the world of nutrition and exercise.
Another large plus is the fact that you may not require a a home gym filled with equipment that is high-priced or a gym membership to complete the work outs. You will find regimens that could easily be performed at home with only the most minimal gear, so very little is demanded in the way of additional investments.
The next strength worth saying is that the diet program espoused by The Venus Factor does not require extreme depravation or militant calorie counting. Rather, the focus is on eating tidy, whole foods in reasonable portions. This gets women in the tendency of making food choices even when they're not actively looking to shed weight and makes the regimen easier to stick to.
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Really the only weakness of the class is it is not necessarily the most suitable choice for girls who just want to get rid of a couple of pounds.
The Venus Factor is a well designed program that helps girls sculpt an eyecatching physique. It comes recommended to any girl who is seriously interested in getting into great shape and learning the best way to embrace and keep a healthful lifestyle. While the ultimate goal of the course is quite advanced, writer John Barban has made the procedure of achieving it approachable, even for newcomers. This really is the course for you personally if you would like to construct a stunning body with curves in all of the right spots.
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